The Tech Bro Wardrobe Makeover: From Drab to Dapper

San Francisco stylists offer expert advice on upgrading the male tech worker’s fashion game

In recent years, the stereotypical male tech worker in San Francisco has been associated with a uniform of gray Patagonia vests, zip-up hoodies, jeans, and sneakers. However, as 2024 approaches, many techies are looking to upgrade their personal style and shed the “tech bro” image. In this article, we consult three San Francisco stylists who specialize in transforming the wardrobes of tech workers. From ditching the “birth control” apparel to upgrading sneakers, T-shirts, bottoms, and outerwear, these stylists offer valuable tips and insights on how to elevate the male tech worker’s fashion game.

Ditch the ‘Birth Control’ Apparel:

The first step in any wardrobe makeover is getting the client to embrace change. Personal stylists like Eddie Hernandez, Mimi Glumac, and Lili Henry look for clients who are open to improving their personal style and willing to put effort into the process. They conduct wardrobe audits, removing anything that doesn’t fit, match the client’s style, or is out of trend. They also provide gentle ribbing and humor to ensure the client understands the need for change.

Wear This, Not That:

To upgrade the tech worker’s wardrobe, stylists recommend specific changes in key areas. For sneakers, they suggest replacing worn-out Allbirds or On Cloud shoes with minimal leather sneakers from brands like Common Projects or Ermenegildo Zegna. T-shirts should move away from hackathon and startup swag shirts towards higher-end plain tees from brands like Norse Projects or John Varvatos. Baggy, holey jeans should be replaced with more tapered options, such as slim-straight fits from brands like Banana Republic, Paige, or AG. Outerwear can be upgraded by swapping conference swag hoodies for cashmere hoodies from J. Crew or Brunello Cucinelli, and opting for quilted jackets from Barbour or bomber jackets from Theory.

Where to Start:

Changing personal style can be a psychological process, and stylists emphasize the importance of taking a real-life approach to fashion. Trying on clothes at stores, even without buying anything, can help techies get a feel for what works for them. Complimenting someone’s style in public can also boost their self-confidence. Stylists suggest gently nudging someone towards style by walking into a store together and suggesting clothing items that would suit them.


The tech bro fashion stereotype is evolving as more tech workers seek to upgrade their personal style. San Francisco stylists offer valuable advice on how to transform the male tech worker’s wardrobe from drab to dapper. By ditching the “birth control” apparel, upgrading sneakers, T-shirts, bottoms, and outerwear, techies can elevate their fashion game while still maintaining comfort and versatility. Whether seeking the guidance of a personal stylist or taking matters into their own hands, tech workers can achieve a new level of confidence and style in 2024.

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