Saporiti Italia Partners with DIDI to Foster Design Innovation in Dubai

CEO Raffaele Saporiti discusses the brand’s collaboration with DIDI and their plans to shape the future of design in Dubai

Saporiti Italia, renowned for its exquisite furniture designs, has established a strong presence in Dubai since 2002. In a recent interview, CEO Raffaele Saporiti shared insights into the brand’s collaboration with the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI) and their participation in Dubai Design Week. Saporiti highlighted the importance of fostering a cultural initiative and providing a platform for young designers to showcase their talent. The brand’s partnership with DIDI aims to offer a unique design experience and shape the future of design in Dubai.

A Design Competition with DIDI

Saporiti Italia’s collaboration with DIDI centers around a design competition that challenges students to reinterpret the iconic ‘Miamina’ chair. The brand expects the students to bring their fresh perspectives on sustainability, technology, and social interaction to the design, infused with a touch of local expression. The winning design will be selected and reinterpreted, showcasing the students’ creativity and innovation.

Shaping the Future through Exposure

The competition not only offers students an opportunity to showcase their talent but also provides exposure to the world of design. The results of the students’ research will be displayed in Dubai in March 2024, with the most interesting chair designs manufactured as prototypes. These prototypes will be showcased at d3 and during the prestigious Milan Design Week in April 2024. The entire team behind the winning chair design will be offered an educational trip to Milan, further enhancing their exposure and learning experience. Saporiti Italia’s commitment to creating special events in Dubai and Milan will ensure that the students’ work receives international recognition.

Saporiti Italia’s Unique Business Model

With its office located in Dubai Design District (d3), Saporiti Italia aims to capture a portion of the competitive market by offering bespoke solutions tailored to the needs and personalities of their clients. The brand’s business model focuses on project management and customization, combining historical traditions, unique craftsmanship, and advanced technology. By providing complete customizations, Saporiti Italia sets itself apart from competitors and offers clients a truly unique experience.

Latest Offerings for the Middle East Clients

Saporiti Italia has undertaken several notable projects in the Middle East, including the First and Business Class lounges at Hamad International Airport in Doha and the Volante Tower in Dubai. The brand’s latest project involves designing and supplying bespoke interiors for Volante Tower Two, including public areas and show-flats. Saporiti Italia’s ability to infuse Italian traditions and style into international projects has garnered praise and recognition in the region.

Understanding the Region’s Choices and Expectations

Saporiti Italia recognizes that each region has its own unique needs, culture, and taste. In the UAE, the brand has found success due to the development of advanced architectural projects, which have facilitated the proposal of innovative interiors. Saporiti Italia believes that this trend will continue to shape the region’s design landscape in the coming years.

Building Long-Term Relationships

Saporiti Italia works closely with real estate developers, private clients, and international corporations to create tailored interiors for residential and commercial projects. The brand’s flexibility and ability to understand clients’ needs have resulted in long-term relationships and repeat business. Satisfied clients often refer Saporiti Italia to their contacts and friends, further expanding the brand’s reach in the market.


Saporiti Italia’s collaboration with DIDI and their participation in Dubai Design Week demonstrates their commitment to fostering design innovation in Dubai. By providing a platform for young designers to showcase their talent and offering unique design experiences, Saporiti Italia aims to shape the future of design in the region. With their bespoke solutions and commitment to customization, the brand is well-positioned to capture a portion of the competitive market in Dubai. As Saporiti Italia continues to undertake exciting projects in the Middle East, they remain dedicated to infusing Italian traditions and style into international designs, creating a perfect blend for their clients.

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