Extended Deadline for International Society of Furniture Designers Innovation+Design Competition

The International Society of Furniture Designers (ISFD) has extended the deadline for its Innovation+Design competition, giving designers and woodworking students more time to submit their projects.

The ISFD’s Innovation+Design competition is a prestigious event that provides a platform for professional designer-makers and aspiring woodworking students to showcase their work, gain industry recognition, and kickstart their design careers. With the deadline extension, participants now have until December 31 to submit their projects and vie for a chance to be part of the exhibition at the American Home Furnishings Hall of Fame in High Point.

Extended Deadline for Submissions:

The ISFD has extended the online submission deadline for both international and domestic entries until 11:59 p.m. EST on December 31. This decision was made in response to the last-minute rush of designers eager to submit their projects. The extended deadline allows designers, makers, artisans, and students to have more time to express their creativity and imagination through innovative designs of executable home furnishings.

Categories and Entry Fee:

Participants are encouraged to submit multiple entries in various categories. The entry fee is $50 per submission. By submitting their projects in different categories, designers increase their chances of gaining exposure and recognition within the industry.

Exhibition and Winners Announcement:

The exhibition showcasing the finalists’ entries will take place at the American Home Furnishings Hall of Fame in High Point from April 4 to 17, coinciding with the Spring High Point Market. The winners will be announced at the Meet the Designers reception on April 14, providing an opportunity for industry professionals to connect with talented designers.

Benefits for Finalists:

Both professional and student finalists will receive a certificate of merit for their outstanding work. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to enter the designer-maker or student category of the 2024 ISFD Pinnacle Awards free of charge. Category winners will receive $250, while the Best of Show winner will be awarded $1000. Furthermore, all winners will receive free manufacturing time in the Congdon Yards Generator, allowing them to work on any project of their choice.

Testimonial from Past Winner:

Matthew Carr, a past student winner, expressed his gratitude for the competition, stating that it provided him with validation for his design work. Carr’s success in the competition boosted his confidence and highlighted the overall benefits of participating in such an event.


The extended deadline for the ISFD Innovation+Design competition offers designers and woodworking students a valuable opportunity to gain recognition, industry exposure, and career-launching opportunities. By submitting their projects, participants can showcase their creativity and innovation in the field of home furnishings. The exhibition and awards ceremony will provide a platform for winners to connect with industry professionals and further propel their design careers. Aspiring designers and woodworking students should take advantage of this extended deadline and submit their projects to the ISFD Innovation+Design competition for a chance to make their mark in the industry.

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