Harnessing the Power of Social Media for Fundraising: How Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook are Revolutionizing Charitable Giving

Discover how Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook are transforming social media into powerful fundraising platforms, allowing users to make a difference for causes that matter.

In an age dominated by social media, it’s easy to become disillusioned with the negative aspects of these platforms. However, amidst the chaos, there is a glimmer of hope. Social media apps such as Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook are revolutionizing charitable giving, providing users with the opportunity to raise funds for causes close to their hearts. While viral posts may change lives, these platforms offer a chance for ordinary individuals to make a small but significant difference. Let’s explore how each app facilitates fundraising and helps to alleviate the complicated relationship we have with social media.

Instagram: Empowering Users to Support Nonprofits
Instagram offers several ways for users to raise money for verified nonprofits and charities. Users can create 30-day fundraisers by making a post and selecting the “Add Fundraiser” option. This links to a donation site, and a fundraising notice is added to the user’s profile bio. Additionally, the donation sticker feature allows users to add a sticker labeled “Donation” to their stories, enabling them to select a nonprofit or charity accepting donations on Instagram. Finally, users can start fundraisers during Instagram Live broadcasts, engaging with their followers while raising money for a cause.

TikTok: Adding Fundraising Campaigns to Profiles and LIVE Broadcasts
TikTok users can add fundraising campaigns to their profile bios, directing followers to an in-app donation portal that tracks the campaign’s progress. By selecting a nonprofit in the “Nonprofit” section of their profile, a pink link appears under their bio, indicating their support for an organization. Additionally, users with over 1,000 followers and who are at least 16 years old can incorporate fundraisers into their TikTok LIVE broadcasts. By selecting a nonprofit before or during a LIVE, users can add a donation sticker, allowing viewers to donate while watching.

Facebook: The Integrated Charity Platform
Facebook’s integrated charity platform, Facebook Fundraisers, empowers users to raise money for nonprofits through their own profiles. Users can access the Facebook Fundraisers hub through the account menu or by visiting facebook.com/fundraisers. From there, they can create a fundraiser, select the organization they wish to support, and customize the campaign details. The fundraising page can be managed, updated, and monitored for progress, and it is prominently displayed on the user’s Facebook profile.


Social media has become an influential tool in our lives, and these platforms are harnessing their power for good. Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook are transforming the way we engage with nonprofits and charities, providing accessible and user-friendly fundraising tools. By utilizing features such as fundraisers in posts and bios, donation stickers, and live broadcasts, users can make a difference and contribute to causes that matter to them. While social media may have its drawbacks, these platforms are proving that they can also be a force for positive change. So, next time you scroll through your feed, consider how you can use your social media presence to make a small but meaningful impact in the world.

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