Baylor University Welcomes Curtis Reynolds as Vice President of Business and Finance

Curtis Reynolds joins Baylor University as the new VP of Business and Finance, bringing his expertise in financial management and strategic planning to support the university’s mission.

Baylor University has announced the appointment of Curtis Reynolds as the Vice President of Business and Finance and Chief Financial Officer. Reynolds, currently the Vice President for Business Affairs at the University of Florida, will assume his new role on March 1, 2024. His responsibilities will include ensuring the university’s financial strength and operating efficiency, as well as implementing progressive systems of financial planning and reporting. With his extensive experience in academia and a deep understanding of the higher education landscape, Reynolds is expected to contribute significantly to Baylor’s strategic planning and fiscal growth.

Steadfast Financial Stability in Challenging Times

Baylor University has demonstrated remarkable financial stability amidst the economic strain caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and residual inflation. Fitch Ratings, a global leader in credit ratings and research, has consistently listed Baylor’s long-term bond ratings as “AA-” with a stable outlook. The university’s debt has been successfully restructured, and its total assets have reached a record high of $4 billion. Additionally, Baylor’s impressive endowment returns have attracted national interest, particularly during a time of soft returns at other higher education institutions.

Overseeing Key Financial Functions

As the Vice President and CFO, Reynolds will oversee various crucial aspects of Baylor University’s financial operations. This includes budgeting, business development, financial management, procurement, real estate operations, enrollment management, facilities, information technology, and the Office of Investments. Reynolds will also lead the development and implementation of innovative initiatives aimed at growing institutional revenue in an ever-evolving higher education landscape.

A Track Record of Success

Reynolds joins Baylor University from the University of Florida, a prestigious member of the Association of American Universities (AAU) and a top-ranked public institution. As the Vice President for Business Affairs at the University of Florida, Reynolds was responsible for the strategic direction of a diverse portfolio of campus business and support services. He successfully led a team of over 1,400 staff members, overseeing areas such as business and finance, facility design and construction, physical plant operations, utilities, and auxiliaries. Reynolds also played a key role in developing Florida’s campus master plan and negotiating development agreements with local constituencies.

Strong Leadership and Expertise

Reynolds brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his new role at Baylor University. He has implemented nearly $400 million in public/private real estate development projects and has established supply-chain partnership agreements exceeding $150 million. Reynolds is known for his strategic vision and authentic leadership style, inspiring others to reach higher and achieve more. His experience in large and dynamic higher education institutions positions him well to understand and address the unique needs of Baylor University.

Commitment to Stewardship and Growth

Reynolds fully embraces Baylor’s commitment to judicious stewardship and financial stability. He is eager to collaborate with President Livingstone, the President’s Council, the Board of Regents, and the wider campus community to secure Baylor’s standing as a Christian Research 1 university. Reynolds’ leadership and expertise will play a vital role in Baylor’s next phase of strategic planning and fiscal growth.


With the appointment of Curtis Reynolds as the Vice President of Business and Finance, Baylor University is poised to strengthen its financial position and continue its mission as a preeminent Christian research university. Reynolds’ extensive experience in financial management and strategic planning, coupled with his understanding of academia at the highest levels, will contribute to Baylor’s ongoing success. As the university prepares to launch a new strategic plan and build upon its recent achievements, Reynolds’ leadership will be instrumental in driving Baylor University forward into the future.

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