Market Update: Positive End to 2023 for Major Indices

US Stocks Continue Winning Streak as Nasdaq Outperforms in 2023

As the year 2023 came to a close, major indices around the world experienced positive gains, signaling a strong end to the year. US stocks, in particular, continued their winning streak, posting gains for the ninth consecutive week. The technology-heavy Nasdaq index stood out as the top performer, returning over 50% in euro terms for the year. While trading volumes were subdued during the holiday-shortened week, investors eagerly await further US economic data to gauge market sentiment. In Europe, optimism surrounding the potential for lower interest rates contributed to marginal gains in equities.

Strong Participation in Final US Treasury Auction Lowers Yields

The final US Treasury Auction of the year, held on Wednesday, saw robust participation from investors. As a result, yields on government bonds dropped significantly. However, throughout the week, yields gradually rose due to indications of a moderate economic slowdown. The benchmark 10-year US Treasury Yield finished the week at 3.94%, remaining lower than observed in the second half of 2023. This inverse relationship between bond yields and prices continues to shape market dynamics.

Eurozone Preliminary Inflation Figures Show a Slowdown

Investors eagerly awaited Eurozone preliminary inflation figures, with Spain being the first to release its data. Spain’s preliminary December inflation figures showed a slowdown in consumer price rises, from 3.2% to 3.1%, contrary to expectations of a 3.4% figure. The decline has been attributed to falling fuel prices. Inflation remains a key focus for investors as central banks signal a potential end to interest rate hikes.

Global Stocks Experience Modest Gains

Global stocks saw a slight increase of 0.1% in euro terms and 0.2% in local terms. The US market, the largest in the world, finished with a marginal decline of -0.3% in euro terms and -0.1% in local terms. Despite the slight dip, the overall positive trend for US stocks persisted, reflecting the resilience of the market.

US 10-Year Yield Remains Subdued

The US 10-year yield closed the week at 3.94%, indicating a relatively low level compared to the second half of 2023. This subdued yield reflects the current market sentiment and the cautious approach towards potential economic slowdowns. The German equivalent finished at 2.09%, while the Irish 10-year bond yield closed at 2.43%.

Euro Holds Steady Against Major Currencies

The Euro/US Dollar exchange rate finished at 1.10, while the Euro/GBP rate closed at 0.87. The euro’s stability against major currencies indicates a sense of equilibrium in the foreign exchange market, with investors closely monitoring any potential shifts in exchange rates.

Oil and Gold Prices Show Mixed Performance

Oil prices ended the week at $73 per barrel, showing a 2.6% year-to-date increase in euro terms. Gold prices closed at $2,076 per troy ounce, reflecting a 0.9% year-to-date increase in euro terms. The mixed performance of these commodities highlights the ongoing uncertainties in global markets and the importance of diversification in investment strategies.


As 2023 concluded, major indices enjoyed positive gains, with US stocks leading the way. The technology-heavy Nasdaq index stood out as the top performer, showcasing the strength of the tech sector. The final US Treasury Auction of the year attracted strong investor participation, resulting in lower yields. However, concerns about a potential economic slowdown contributed to a gradual rise in yields throughout the week. Eurozone preliminary inflation figures showed a slowdown, emphasizing the importance of monitoring inflationary trends. Looking ahead, investors eagerly await further economic data, including the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee Meeting minutes and US Non-Farm Payrolls, to gain insights into market sentiment and potential future trends.

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