Logan Lerman Encourages New Star of “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” Show

Former Percy Jackson actor sends a heartfelt message to the cast of the Disney+ series

Logan Lerman, known for his portrayal of Percy Jackson in the big-screen adaptations of the popular fantasy book series, recently surprised the cast of the newly premiered television show, “Percy Jackson and the Olympians,” with an encouraging message. Lerman’s heartfelt words were shared during a live recording of the “Happy Sad Confused” podcast, leaving the cast and author Rick Riordan feeling excited and inspired. As the torch is passed to a new generation, Lerman’s support signifies the continuation of the beloved franchise.

Positive Reception for the New Series

The new television series, which premiered on Disney+ on Wednesday, has received positive reviews from both fans and critics. Times television critic Robert Lloyd praised the show, stating that it is “as good as can be” and commended its ability to seamlessly blend the extraordinary and ordinary worlds of the story. This positive reception sets the stage for the new cast to make their mark on the beloved characters.

Logan Lerman’s Words of Encouragement

During the live recording of the “Happy Sad Confused” podcast, hosted by Josh Horowitz at the 92nd Street Y in New York City, Lerman’s surprise message was shared with the cast and audience. Lerman expressed his excitement for the new show and praised the cast for their portrayal of the characters. He specifically mentioned Walker Skobell, the actor playing Percy Jackson, and expressed his belief that Skobell is the perfect fit for the role. Lerman’s words of encouragement and support are a testament to the camaraderie among actors who have portrayed the iconic character.

Walker Skobell’s Response

Walker Skobell, the 14-year-old actor who now takes on the role of Percy Jackson, expressed his gratitude for Lerman’s message. Although Skobell has never met Lerman in person, he revealed that he had previously messaged him online to express his admiration for Lerman’s work in the film “Perks of Being a Wallflower.” Skobell’s appreciation for Lerman’s support highlights the impact of the previous Percy Jackson actor on the new generation of performers.


Logan Lerman’s encouraging words to the cast of the new “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” television show demonstrate the unity and support within the franchise. As the torch is passed from one actor to another, Lerman’s message highlights the excitement and anticipation surrounding the new series. With positive reviews and a talented cast, the show has the potential to captivate both longtime fans and newcomers to the world of Percy Jackson. The legacy of the beloved character lives on through the dedicated actors who bring him to life on screen.

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