LAPD Detectives Uncover Trove of Stolen Laptops, iPads, and iPhones

LAPD Storage Reveals Potential Breakthrough in Recovering Stolen Electronics

In a promising development for victims of theft in Los Angeles, LAPD Commander Lillian Carranza of the Rampart Division has announced that a significant number of stolen laptops, iPads, and iPhones have been uncovered in recent investigations. Stored in bins and bags, these electronic devices are believed to be connected to a series of burglaries targeting both vehicles and residences in the city. With the LAPD urging victims to come forward for identification and retrieval, this discovery offers a glimmer of hope for those who have lost their valuable possessions.

A Breakthrough in the Investigation

Detectives working on the case have made a breakthrough in their efforts to recover stolen property. Among the numerous electronic devices found in LAPD storage, one Apple MacBook has been successfully identified. This MacBook was reported stolen during a burglary from a motor vehicle near Echo Park in November. The incident, which also involved the theft of cameras and camera equipment worth $45,000, highlights the significant losses suffered by victims of these crimes.

LAPD Appeals to Victims

In light of the recent discoveries, the LAPD is urging victims of theft in the Los Angeles area to come forward and check if their property has been recovered. Commander Carranza has emphasized the importance of reaching out to the Rampart Division at 213-484-3400 to inquire about the possibility of retrieving stolen items. This proactive approach by the LAPD aims to reunite victims with their valuable electronics and provide a sense of justice in the face of these crimes.

The Impact of Stolen Electronics

The theft of personal electronic devices has become an increasingly prevalent issue in Los Angeles and other major cities. Beyond the monetary value of these items, the loss of laptops, iPads, and iPhones can have a profound impact on individuals’ lives. These devices often contain sensitive personal information, cherished memories, and vital work documents. The recovery of stolen electronics not only offers financial relief but also helps restore a sense of security and peace of mind for victims.

The Challenges of Investigating Electronic Theft

Investigating electronic theft poses unique challenges for law enforcement agencies. The mobility and small size of these devices make them attractive targets for thieves, who can easily sell them on the black market. Additionally, the lack of unique identifiers on many electronic devices can make it difficult to prove ownership and link recovered items to specific theft cases. However, advancements in technology, such as serial number tracking and improved surveillance systems, have enhanced the investigative capabilities of the LAPD and other law enforcement agencies.

The Role of Social Media in Recovery Efforts

The LAPD’s use of social media to inform the public about the recovered electronics is a testament to the power of technology in aiding investigations. By disseminating information through platforms like Twitter and Facebook, the LAPD has been able to reach a wider audience and increase the chances of victims recognizing their stolen property. This innovative approach not only facilitates the recovery process but also highlights the evolving nature of crime and law enforcement in the digital age.


The recent discovery of stolen laptops, iPads, and iPhones in LAPD storage offers a glimmer of hope for victims of theft in Los Angeles. With the identification of a stolen MacBook and the urging of Commander Carranza, individuals who have lost their valuable electronics now have a chance to reclaim their property. The recovery of these devices not only provides financial relief but also restores a sense of security and peace of mind. As law enforcement agencies continue to adapt to the challenges posed by electronic theft, the use of technology, such as social media, plays a crucial role in aiding investigations and reuniting victims with their stolen possessions.

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