Energy-Saving Tips for a Sustainable and Festive Holiday Season

Celebrate the Holidays by Giving Back to the Planet and Saving Energy

As the holiday season approaches, many of us are busy making lists and checking them twice. But amidst the excitement of gift shopping and holiday preparations, it’s important to remember the impact our actions can have on the environment. This article presents a list of energy-saving tips to help you celebrate the holidays in a sustainable and cost-effective way. By incorporating these practices into your festivities, you can give back to the planet while spreading holiday cheer.

Shop with Reusable Bags to Reduce Waste

One simple but effective way to reduce waste during the holiday season is by shopping with reusable cloth bags. Thousands of paper and plastic bags end up in landfills each year, contributing to environmental degradation. By using cloth bags, not only do you minimize waste, but you also ensure sturdier transportation of your gifts. If cloth bags aren’t an option, try to consolidate your purchases into as few bags as possible. Additionally, remember to unload your car after shopping trips to avoid unnecessary weight that can increase fuel consumption.

Dig into Leftovers to Minimize Food Waste

The holiday season often brings an abundance of food, but it’s essential to properly store leftovers to avoid food waste. Instead of discarding empty glass jars, plastic tubs, or coffee cans, reuse them to store leftovers or other miscellaneous items like ribbons for wrapping presents. By repurposing these containers, you not only reduce waste but also save money on storage solutions. Moreover, consider donating any untouched food to a local food bank or shelter to help those in need.

Decorate without Splurging on Electricity

When decorating your home this holiday season, prioritize electricity-free tinsel and garland that reflect surrounding light. However, if you do use electric decorations, opt for LED lights. Not only do LED lights consume significantly less energy, but they also last longer and pose a lower fire risk compared to incandescent lights. Setting your lights on a timer can further reduce energy consumption by ensuring they turn on and off at specific times. For those looking to reduce waste, consider purchasing and decorating a potted tree that can be planted in your yard or kept indoors after the holidays.

(Re)wrap Gifts to Minimize Paper Waste

Each year, thousands of pounds of wrapping paper are produced, resulting in significant energy consumption and subsequent waste. To minimize paper waste, consider using recycled or reused paper for gift wrapping. Get creative by making your own custom wrapping paper using magazine clippings with pictures of trees and snow. Reusing gift bags, ribbons, bows, or incorporating natural accents like fresh cut greenery can also reduce waste and save money. Fabric wrapping can be a sustainable choice if the fabric will be reused. Alternatively, choose presents that don’t require wrapping, such as donations to charities or experiences like classes or event tickets.

Consider Packaging and Shipping Sustainability

In addition to gift wrapping, it’s important to be mindful of other packaging involved in gift-giving. Recycle cardboard boxes, opt for items with minimal packaging, and use biodegradable or recycled packing materials when shipping gifts. Encourage delivery services to implement more energy-efficient delivery trucks to further reduce the environmental impact of shipping.


This holiday season, let’s embrace sustainable practices and spread holiday cheer while protecting the planet. By shopping with reusable bags, minimizing food waste, decorating with energy-efficient lighting, rewrapping gifts, and considering packaging and shipping sustainability, we can make a positive impact on the environment while saving energy and money. Let’s celebrate the holidays in a way that brings joy to both our loved ones and the planet we call home.

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