Bella Hadid Brings Back the Y2K Yoga Pant Trend

The supermodel channels 2010s nostalgia with her iconic athleisure look

The fashion world is no stranger to trends making a comeback, and the latest style revival comes in the form of the Y2K yoga pant. While Gen-Z has given them the nickname “flared leggings,” it was the yoga pant enthusiasts of the 2010s, like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, who first embraced this curve-hugging style. Today, celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber have put their own modern spin on the trend. However, it’s Bella Hadid who consistently slays the Y2K yoga pant look, bringing it back to its original glory.

Bella’s Y2K Yoga ‘Fit:

On December 18th, Bella Hadid was spotted in New York, dressed in a head-turning ensemble that perfectly captured the essence of the early 2000s. While it’s unclear whether she was heading to a yoga class, her outfit screamed athleisure chic. The model rocked a combination of workout-ready separates, including the iconic low-rise yoga pants that sat just below her hip bone and flared at the hem. These pants were reminiscent of the OG Victoria’s Secret runway looks that defined the era.

To complete her Y2K-inspired look, Bella paired her yoga pants with a zip-up jacket that she left half open, creating a plunging neckline. This styling choice added a touch of sexiness to the otherwise sporty ensemble. The supermodel accessorized with rectangle sunglasses, a stretchy black headband, and chunky white Nike sneakers, all of which were popular accessories during the early 2010s.

Her Nostalgic Accessories:

Bella Hadid didn’t stop at the yoga pants and jacket; she took her outfit to the next level with carefully chosen accessories that paid homage to the era. One standout piece was her Von Dutch bowling bag, adorned with the brand’s cursive emblem embroidered on the side. Von Dutch was a staple in the 2000s, and Bella’s choice of this handbag added an authentic touch to her overall look.

For a post-workout evening on the town, Bella threw on an oversized red and black windbreaker that perfectly complemented the vibrant cherry shade of her Von Dutch handbag. This bold choice showcased her ability to effortlessly mix and match nostalgic pieces while maintaining a modern edge.


Bella Hadid’s recent Y2K yoga pant ensemble proves that fashion trends have a way of coming full circle. With her impeccable styling, she brings back the iconic athleisure look of the 2010s, reminding us of the fashion icons who first championed this trend. As we eagerly await Bella’s next fashion move, one thing is for sure: she knows how to pay homage to the past while staying true to her own unique style. So, keep an eye out for the quirky fedora or any other divisive 2000s look she might embrace next. Bella Hadid is undoubtedly the queen of bringing back nostalgic fashion in the most stylish and captivating way.

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