AI-Based Solutions Dominate IEEE Computer Society’s Annual Technology Scorecard

Generative AI Leads the Pack in Advancement and Adoption, Artificial General Intelligence Shows Significant Growth

The IEEE Computer Society (CS) has released its annual scorecard, evaluating the progress of technology predictions made for 2023. This year’s assessment reveals that AI-based solutions have emerged as the frontrunners, with Generative AI receiving the highest marks for its technological advancement and broad adoption. The scorecard also highlights the substantial growth of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and AI-assisted DevOps. These developments have set the stage for a new era of possibilities in the field of artificial intelligence.

Generative AI Takes the Lead:

According to Dejan Milojicic, former IEEE CS president and current HPE Fellow and VP at Hewlett Packard Labs, Generative AI has shown the most significant advancement and maturity among all technologies. It is also the only technology that has achieved broad adoption. This outcome comes as no surprise, given the remarkable growth and widespread acceptance of generative AI.

Artificial General Intelligence Shows Promise:

The scorecard reveals that Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) has exceeded expectations, exhibiting the highest relative difference from the original predictions. Experts attribute this success to the overall advancements in Generative AI, which have paved the way for AGI’s growth. Additionally, the increasing accessibility of AGI capabilities to consumers has contributed to its rapid development.

AI-Assisted DevOps Gains Traction:

Another notable finding from the scorecard is the significant growth of AI-assisted DevOps. This technology, which integrates and automates software development and IT operations, has seen the fourth-largest increase compared to initial predictions. Once again, this progress can be attributed to the advancements in Generative AI, which have had a cascading effect on various technological solutions.

Key Technology Observations:

Apart from AI-based solutions, the scorecard sheds light on the progress of other technologies:

1. Disinformation Detection/Correction: This technology has witnessed the third-largest climb in the rankings. Technological advancements and the growing market need for disinformation detection and correction have contributed to its success.

2. Autonomous Robots & Brain-Machine I/F: While these technologies are still at the prototype level, they remain a focal point of research.

3. 3D Printing in Personalized Healthcare: The emphasis on 3D printing in personalized healthcare has slowed down compared to initial predictions. This can be attributed to the healthcare industry’s stabilization after the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in specific environments like dentistry, 3D printing has become more accessible as the technology matures.

4. IT for Sustainability: The focus on IT for sustainability has declined, potentially due to economic and geopolitical factors. Incremental progress in this area may have also contributed to the decreased emphasis.

5. Space ITC (Information Technology and Communication): The predictions for Space ITC have been highly accurate, considering its lower-ranked impact on humanity. The slow adoption of this technology may explain this discrepancy.


The IEEE Computer Society’s annual scorecard highlights the dominance of AI-based solutions in the technology landscape. Generative AI, with its remarkable advancements and broad adoption, has emerged as the frontrunner. The growth of Artificial General Intelligence and AI-assisted DevOps further reinforces the transformative power of AI. While other technologies have also made progress, the impact of AI on various technological solutions has been unparalleled. As the world eagerly awaits the 2024 IEEE CS Technology Predictions, it is evident that AI will continue to shape the future of technology and society at large.

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