Achieving Fitness Goals: Strategies for Long-Term Success

Experts offer advice on maintaining fitness resolutions beyond the first few months of the year

As the new year approaches, many individuals are gearing up to tackle their fitness and health goals. However, statistics show that these resolutions often fizzle out within the first few months. To help individuals achieve lasting success, fitness experts emphasize the importance of simplicity, progress tracking, consistency, and realistic goal-setting. By following these strategies, individuals can increase their chances of maintaining their fitness resolutions throughout the year.

The K.I.S.S. Principle: Keeping It Super Simple

Co-owner of Vette City CrossFit, Sarah Scali, suggests adopting the “K.I.S.S.” principle, which stands for “Keep It Super Simple.” Scali advises setting small, attainable goals that can be modified and adjusted over time. By starting with manageable objectives, individuals can experience success and build momentum towards their larger fitness goals.

Tracking Progress for Continued Motivation

Sarah Widner, Health and Wellness Director at Med Center Health, emphasizes the importance of tracking progress rather than striving for perfection. Widner suggests documenting achievements and setbacks to maintain consistency. Even when faced with obstacles, individuals can bounce back by resuming their routine and staying committed to their fitness goals.

Setting Realistic and Lasting Goals

Widner also highlights the significance of creating goals that are sustainable in the long term. When it comes to dietary changes, she advises individuals to choose a plan that aligns with their lifestyle and can be maintained over time. By setting realistic and achievable goals, individuals can develop healthy habits that will endure beyond the initial burst of motivation.

Accountability and Support

Chelsey Bush, co-owner of Vette City CrossFit, recommends finding a fitness partner to provide mutual accountability and support. Having someone to share the journey with can increase motivation and help individuals stay on track. Bush suggests starting with small goals, such as walking for a few minutes or lifting light weights, and gradually progressing with consistency.

Prioritizing Exercise as an Appointment

To ensure regular exercise, Bush advises treating gym sessions as appointments. By scheduling workouts in advance and committing to them as non-negotiable appointments, individuals can prioritize their fitness goals and make them a consistent part of their routine.


Embarking on a fitness journey requires a strategic approach to achieve long-term success. By following the advice of fitness experts, individuals can increase their chances of maintaining their resolutions beyond the initial enthusiasm of the new year. By keeping goals simple, tracking progress, prioritizing consistency over perfection, setting realistic objectives, and finding support and accountability, individuals can create lasting habits that lead to a healthier and more active lifestyle. So, as the new year begins, let’s embrace these strategies and make 2023 the year of sustainable fitness transformations.

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