Vanessa Gonzalez: Using Comedy to Share Her Border Town Experience

Comedian Vanessa Gonzalez finds success by embracing her Texas-Mexican roots and using comedy to shed light on complex topics like immigration.

Growing up in Laredo, Vanessa Gonzalez discovered early on that humor was her ticket to attention. As the only girl in a Mexican family, she used comedy to cope with the neglect she felt as the middle child. Today, Gonzalez has become a rising star in the comedy world, drawing inspiration from her experiences growing up on the border. With her unique perspective, she aims to challenge stereotypes and bring awareness to her hometown through her comedic storytelling.

Embracing Her Roots

Gonzalez’s comedy heavily draws from her Texas-Mexican upbringing. In her routines, her mother, Esther, often takes center stage. Their interactions, like a typical mother-daughter shopping trip at Ross Dress for Less, are filled with humor and relatability. Through her comedy, Gonzalez celebrates her heritage and the vibrant culture of her hometown.

Using Comedy to Address Complex Topics

While initially hesitant to broach the topic, Gonzalez now wants to use her platform to discuss politically fraught issues, including immigration. Growing up with parents who worked for the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, she brings a unique perspective to the conversation. By acknowledging the comedy and absurdity in these situations, Gonzalez aims to shed light on the complexities and contradictions that exist within the Texas-Mexican identity.

Accessing Nuance Through Comedy

Gonzalez believes that comedy can provide a vehicle for accessing the nuance often missing in national dialogue. As a Texas-Mexican, she feels misrepresented in popular culture, with Mexican families often reduced to worn-out stereotypes or limited storylines. Through her comedy, Gonzalez aims to challenge these portrayals and showcase the multidimensionality of her community.

From Doubt to Success

Gonzalez’s journey in comedy began with doubt. After graduating with a theater degree, she started exploring improv and sketch comedy. It was only when a friend encouraged her to share her own stories on stage that she found her comedic voice. Despite initial uncertainty, Gonzalez’s talent was quickly recognized, leading to appearances on various platforms, including Netflix and Comedy Central.

Navigating Challenges and Finding Support

The COVID-19 pandemic brought the live comedy scene to a halt, forcing Gonzalez to adapt to virtual performances. During this challenging time, she also faced her mother’s breast cancer diagnosis. Moving back to Laredo to support her mom, Gonzalez continued to find joy and connection through online comedy shows. Despite the obstacles, she remained determined to pursue her dreams and was eventually invited to open for comedian Chelsea Handler.


Vanessa Gonzalez’s rise in the comedy world is a testament to her talent, resilience, and unique perspective. Through her comedy, she not only brings laughter to audiences but also challenges stereotypes and addresses complex topics like immigration. By sharing her own experiences growing up on the border, Gonzalez provides a much-needed voice for the Texas-Mexican community. As her star continues to rise, she remains committed to uplifting other comedians, particularly female and queer voices. With her infectious humor and relatability, Gonzalez is poised to make a lasting impact on the comedy landscape.

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