Vanessa Gonzalez: Using Comedy to Bridge Divides and Celebrate Texas-Mexican Culture

Rising comedian Vanessa Gonzalez combines humor and personal experiences to challenge stereotypes and bring awareness to her hometown on the Texas-Mexico border.

Growing up in Laredo, Texas, Vanessa Gonzalez used comedy as a coping mechanism. Being the only girl in a Mexican family and the middle child, she quickly learned that being funny was a way to garner attention. As she honed her comedic skills, her material began to reflect her experiences growing up on the border, with her mother, Esther, often taking center stage in her routines. Now, as her star rises on the comedy circuit, Gonzalez aims to bring more awareness to her hometown and use her unique perspective to tackle politically charged topics such as immigration.

Breaking Stereotypes and Challenging Perceptions

Gonzalez believes that comedy can be a vehicle for accessing the nuance and complexity that is often missing in national dialogues. She feels that the portrayal of Mexican families in popular culture tends to rely on worn-out stereotypes or limited, cheesy storylines. Through her comedy, Gonzalez aims to showcase the multidimensional nature of Texas-Mexican culture and challenge these narrow perceptions. She wants to be a voice for those who don’t fit into the predetermined boxes and show that there is more to being Texas-Mexican than meets the eye.

Finding Her Voice in Stand-Up

After graduating with a theater degree, Gonzalez explored improv and sketch comedy but always felt a pull towards stand-up. Encouraged by a comedian friend, she took the plunge and started crafting jokes about her family, particularly her mother. This decision proved to be a turning point in her career, as audiences resonated with her relatable and humorous stories. Gonzalez’s ability to find humor in her own experiences has become her trademark and has propelled her into the national spotlight.

Using Comedy to Address Complex Topics

Gonzalez’s parents worked for the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, initially making her hesitant to broach the topic of immigration in her stand-up. However, she now believes it is essential to address the absurdity and complexity of the situation through comedy. She acknowledges the contradictions and the fact that it is often Mexicans telling other Mexicans not to come across the border. By bringing these issues to light, Gonzalez hopes to foster understanding and encourage more nuanced conversations.

Navigating a Challenging Year

Like many comedians, Gonzalez faced a significant setback when the live comedy scene came to a halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, she moved back to Laredo to support her mother, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite the challenges, Gonzalez found solace and connection through virtual comedy shows and collaborations with fellow comedians. Her resilience and ability to find humor even in difficult times have continued to resonate with audiences.

Opening Doors and Uplifting Others

Gonzalez’s talent and unique perspective caught the attention of comedian Chelsea Handler, who invited her to open for her on tour. The two formed a close bond, with Handler even jokingly referring to Gonzalez as her daughter. Inspired by Handler’s support, Gonzalez is committed to uplifting other comedians, particularly female and queer voices who are often underrepresented in the comedy scene. She believes in using her platform to create opportunities and challenge the status quo.


Vanessa Gonzalez’s rise in the comedy world is a testament to her ability to find humor in her own experiences and challenge stereotypes. Through her unique perspective as a Texas-Mexican comedian, she aims to bring awareness to her hometown and foster understanding of complex topics such as immigration. With her star on the rise and her commitment to uplifting others, Gonzalez is poised to make a lasting impact on the comedy scene and beyond.

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